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Ocean Acidification Basics and Downloads


Ocean Acidification: Summary for Policymakers

The brochure "Ocean Acidification: Summary for Policymakers" summarizes the current state of knowledge on ocean acidification. It is based on the results of the Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World. More than 540 experts from 37 countries participated in the world's largest gathering of experts from the field of ocean acidification research in September 2012. The summary was led by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP). The German research network on ocean acidification BIOACID translated it into German.

Download: Ocean Acidification: Summary for Policymakers

The EPOCA Reference User Group documents

The EU FP7 Integrated Project EPOCA (European Project on OCean Acidification), supported by the European Union from 2008 to 2012, produced a selection of brochures about ocean acidification. In the project, more than 160 researchers from 32 institutes and 10 European countries worked closely together to advance our understanding of the biological, ecological, biogeochemical, and societal implications of ocean acidification.

The Reference User Group (RUG) was established to contribute high quality science directly to expert groups and committees, to feed information directly to policy-makers through government and intergovernmental committees, and to give clear information to the media with scientists knowledgeable in communication. The EPOCA RUG has proved a major success and has resulted in the creation of the International Ocean Acidification RUG which covers the needs of the four major European ocean acidification projects: EPOCA, BIOACID, UKOA and MedSeA.

Download: Ocean Acidification: The Knowledge Base 2012

Download: Ocean Acidification: Questions Answered

Download: Ocean Acidification: Acting on Evidence

Download: 20 Facts about Ocean Acidification

Download: Hot, Sour and Breathless - Ocean under Stress  

For more information in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portugese and Spanish, please visit the International Ocean Acidification RUG website.

Eight Experiments for Students 

With support from the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, the CarboSchools project developed eight experiments for students. The experiments help young people to understand the basics of ocean acidification. In the first half, all eight experiments are explained in great detail. Teachers will find information on the preparation and running of the experiments as well as answers to any questions.

Download: Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem. Eight Experiments for Students and Teachers