Members’ General Assembly

The Members’ General Assembly (MGA) consists of all project Principal Investigators (PIs) and will advise on the overall scientific policy, direction and management of the project to be decided by the Executive Board (EB). It will meet annually at project meetings and be chaired by the coordinator. All communication with the MGA will normally be through the project office. At annual meetings, it will give scientific advice to the Executive Board on the most important issues of the project.

The responsibilities of the MGA will include:

  • acting on the initiative of the Executive Board on issues or problems relating to the progress towards the fulfilment of the scientific objectives
  • assessing scientific progress against the objectives and, where necessary
  • make recommendations to the EB
  • providing advice on any call for participants or partners that might be needed to finalize the project’s objectives
  • giving recommendations to the Executive Board on any scientific aspects it foresees as requiring ethical considerations

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