BIOACID III: Integrated Assessment

The Integrated Assessment (IA) is an overarching activity, which involves all BIOACID principle investigators. Information exchange for the Integrated Assessment will be active throughout the duration of the project. It will be guided initially by the theme leaders, followed up by the Integrated Assessment task force, which will commence its work after twelve months into the project (September 2016) and continue for six months after the end of the core project.

Integrated Assessment Members:
Ulf Riebesell, GEOMAR
Hans-Otto Pörtner, AWI
Thorsten Dittmar, Universität Oldenburg
Maren Voss, IOW
Martin Wahl, GEOMAR
Ulf Karsten, Universität Rostock
Felix Mark, AWI
Stefan Gößling-Reisemann, Universität Bremen
Kathrin Rehdanz, IfW
Martin Quaas, CAU
Wolfgang Koeve, GEOMAR
Felix Ekardt, Universität Rostock
Konrad Ott, CAU

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